5l Oak Barrel
5l Oak Barrel

5l Oak Barrel

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Good Starting Point

This barrel is perfect for the artisans who want carry out their craft in a lean way. Fill it up and notice first results the next day. Easy to maintain and can fit pretty much anywhere.

At the end of the day it's up to your imagination to determine the destiny of the barrel, however, here are some popular things to do with this one:
storing port, blending and/or aging spirits from your booze stash, aging new-make spirits, improving the looks of your bar, gift...

It is suitable for newbies who are doing it for the first time... the ones who are considering a hobby but not sure where to start... the ones who want to get rid of all that accumulated booze sitting on the shelf... the ones keen to get the results as quickly as possible... the ones that are on and off with the whole age-your-own business... the ones that would love to cut the top and turn it into a wishing well... the ones who just want to make their man cave a little bit better... the ones with a cupboard full of low-range bottles.

Barrel specs:

Volume: 5lt; Weight: 4.5kg. European sessile oak. Galvanized hoops. Comes in a set with wooden tap, stand and bung. Varnished option available.