15l Oak Barrel
15l Oak Barrel

15l Oak Barrel

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Quick way to age your batch

A barrel like this can save a lot of time during the aging process and still provide decent volume. Easy to maintain and can fit pretty much anywhere. Perfect for home/garage and experimental projects.

This barrel is popular for: aging spirits, aging/blending wine, storing port, 

It is an essential element of every mini-setup for production of spirits and wine. Suitable for both newbies and experienced ones... the ones who want to add to the production setup... the ones who love playing with new recipes and keen to get the quick results... the ones who get young wine in bulk and blend their own... the ones that are on and off with the whole age-your-own business...

Barrel specs:

Volume: 15lt; Weight: 10.5kg. European sessile oak. Galvanized hoops. Comes in a set with wooden tap, stand and bung. Varnished option available.