100 liter oak barrel Australia
100 liter oak barrel Melbourne

110lt Oak Barrel

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Good All-Rounder

Production process is getting more serious when this one is included. It's big enough to impart complex flavors but small enough to do so in a swift manner. When it comes to achieving complexity, aging time, size and volume, this is a well-rounded barrel. One thing is for sure, there will be enough to go around for the family and friends.

This barrel is popular for:

aging wine and spirits

and it's suitable for the ones serious about their craft... the ones that are considering to go commercial or already have a commercial enterprise... active and retired sommeliers... the ones finding joy in sharing the fruits of their labor...

Barrel specs:

Volume: 110lt; Weight: 37kg. European sessile oak. Galvanized hoops. Comes in a set with wooden tap, stand and bung. To ship or organize a pick-up for this barrel please contact us directly.