About Us

Easy Barrels is Melbourne-based barrel supplier and our aim is to make the crafting process a bit easier. Passionate about the quality of the home-made food and bev, we contribute to the craft(y) side by providing easy access to wide range of virgin oak barrels. Our products are imported from Europe and made from European sessile oak.

Founded by Marko Askraba in 2016, Easy Barrels was born out of a dissatisfaction with availability of the small virgin barrels and the long wait that follows every acquisition. We dedicate our time and energy in making the crafting process more pleasant so artisans could fully enjoy doing what they love.
Today, we stock almost every size from two to three hundred liters and can accommodate various fermenting and aging needs in short notice.

How can we help you?

We reduce the time and risk of the barrel acquisition by providing off-the-shelf convenience and a variety of different sizes and barrel types.
Unbeatable prices and no interest installments via Afterpay® will make your purchases a breeze, not to mention the extra savings you receive through discount codes.
Barrels are living, breathing things that are sometimes difficult to deal with. We are here to help get on top any barrel-related problem you may have.

Why do we exist?

To back up Aussie artisans in their creative efforts to craft something amazing. If we could make it easier for them to do what they love then we are making a positive change.
To bring new favorite flavors. Coming up with something new is challenging but it can also be rewarding in many ways. Experimenting with fresh barrels brings a whole new set of possibilities which can ultimately result in a amazing batch, not to mention how much fun tastings can be. 
To inspire adventures. Every batch crafted has a story following every step from production to consumption. Put those stories together and they will turn into an  novel. What would be its epilogue? Let's find out!